7 bad habits, because of which the breast droops

7 bad habits, because of which the breast droops

7 bad habits, because of which the breast droops

Do you know, that the breast may sag due to a sedentary lifestyle and deficiency of physical activity? This musculature also needs regular workouts. Do not run it.

Ptosis of the breast or drooping breast , is a natural process occurring due to progressive loss of elasticity of the skin and breast tissue. That is why many of us with age sagging breasts .

Although it is not a medical problem, because of this we lose our beauty. This is especially true of those women who have sagging breasts at a young age.

Most often the problem faced by holders surround the bust. But this does not mean that women with small breasts, this bypasses the problem.

The force of gravity changes during lactation, regular set, and weight loss are risk factors that increase the probability of occurrence of this problem.

In addition, there are other habits that can aggravate breast ptosis. They have a negative impact on the state of internal tissues, supporting our bust inside.

Of course, these habits have different effects on the body of every woman. But it must be remembered that they can play a crucial role in the loss of a breast tone for young women up to 30 years.

What is this habit?

1. Smoking

Smoking not only harms the vital organs of our body , but also causes premature aging of the skin and muscles.

Contained in cigarettes toxic substances cause loss of tone and elasticity of skin and musculature. Because smoking decreases blood circulation and collagen production is disrupted.

Over time, this habit leads to premature aging of the body, which is why our bust becomes flaccid and sagging.

2. A wrong bra

At first glance, this habit does not seem dangerous. In fact, wearing a properly fitted bra is one of the risk factors for breast sagging.

Typically, bras are made from flexible materials that can be easily adapted to the shape of our body. Not the right size bra can cause a loss of elasticity of the bust.

By wearing the brassiere close too adversely affects our circulation, as well as the health of muscles and ligaments.

3. Improper posture

Sagging breasts due to incorrect posture

Bad posture causes pain in the muscles, has a negative impact on our appearance and make our breasts to sag.

Many of us even can not imagine, how our breasts may change if we begin to monitor their posture . The beauty of our breasts depends on the posture in which we find ourselves.

When we walk or sit without watching your posture, our breasts lose their natural positions, which negatively affects the state of internal tissues, which support it.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle – one of the main enemies of not only our health, but also beauty.

When we neglect physical activity increases the risk of many chronic diseases and completeness. It faces challenges because of which our quality of life is markedly reduced.

On the other hand, because of sedentary lifestyles loses breast musculature tonus, causing our bust eventually loses its shape and elasticity.

It should be borne in mind that there are exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen the muscles of this part of our body.

5. Neglect of sunscreen

Sagging breasts due to neglect sunscreen

We often hear talk of how important it is to use sunscreen for the prevention of premature skin aging.

Despite this, many of us forget to use it every day. Because of this, our skin is exposed to direct ultraviolet rays.

Unfortunately, not every one of us know that UV rays not only cause premature aging of the skin, but also the loss of elasticity of the chest. Do not forget that it is this part of our body is exposed to direct sunlight.

As a result, it decreases the production of collagen and elastin – substances that make our skin remains smooth, taut and youthful.

6. Strict diet

Strict diets that have gained the glory of so-called “miracle diets”, causing great harm to the muscles and skin health.

Following such a diet significantly increases the risk of breast ptosis and loss of bust shape. This can happen to a pretty young woman.

The fact is that because such diets our body collides with nutritional deficiencies. It is because of this we will quickly lose weight. As a result, it suffers greatly, our muscles and we lose muscle mass.

A proper diet should be healthy and nutritious. It must necessarily include:

  • Fatty acid
  • vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Proteins
  • cellulose
  • Antioxidants

7. Alcohol abuse

Sagging breasts due to alcohol abuse

Although a glass of red wine, drunk at dinner, good for our health, alcohol abuse threatened unpleasant consequences for our body.

Thus, it adversely affects our metabolism and liver. Besides alcohol abuse leads to loss of skin elasticity.

This increases the risk of premature aging of the skin and loss of tone and shape of the breast.

It is important to remember that these factors affect the beauty of our bust , though not always, they are crucial.

Try as much as possible to avoid these bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. This will allow you as long as possible to preserve their bust attractive and young.