Excess exercise brings menopause

Excess exercise brings menopause

Excess exercise brings menopause

The study showed that women who have too much to exercise and lean on foods useful for the cardiovascular system are at risk of early menopause start.

Direct communication between workouts and a healthy diet on the one hand and the time of entry into menopause is not, since the beginning of time, it is affected by many factors, but researchers believe that the findings could be useful in the prevention of breast cancer (BC).

In the study, scientists monitored for 10 years, 3100 women who are at the start of the study in premenopausal. For those who exercised the most – from 8 to 10 hours a week – the probability of entry into menopause during these 10 years I have been 17% higher than for women who are prone to a sedentary lifestyle.

Similarly, women who consumed the greatest amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) contained in fish and vegetable oils, the probability of the onset of menopause was 15% in 10 years higher than in women who consumed at least PUFAs.

According to the North American Society for the menopause problems, this time in a woman’s life usually occurs between the ages of 41 to 55 years.

In the study, Dr. Chisato Nagata and colleagues from the University of Gifu (Japan) involved women from 35 to 56 years. All of them offered to fill in questionnaires, including questions on the topic of physical activity and nutrition. Over the next 10 years in menopause take almost 1,800 women.

Although the age of the event for each participant is not specified, according to the information received, the more active women were engaged in sports and the more PUFAs consumed, the sooner they begin menopause.

Adhering to a diet low in fat and a lot of working out, women are faced with high levels of estrogen, said Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, president of the North American Society for the menopause problems. High levels of estrogen promotes the development of breast tumors – this explains the link between early onset of menopause, and low risk of breast cancer.

At the same time, early onset of menopause is also associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and bone thinning. But the benefits of active exercise and fish and plant-based diet, according to Dr. Manson, still far exceeds the possible risks.

These previous studies gave conflicting results. Thus, excessive physical activity (by which is usually meant for 5 or more hours of exercise per week) contribute to early menopause, but on the other hand an excess of exercise leads to violations of the menstrual cycle, which in turn alienated the time of entry into menopause.