We are all so accustomed to treat their needs for food, that sometimes just stop to think about what and how we consume. Snacks and seizure stomach cramps hamburger buns and hot dogs in times of short dashes from the office to the car for us today a normal state of affairs. At the same time, we often surprisingly kind to her figure – visit gyms, do dorogushchie wraps at the spa, and it does not cease to be surprised, that effect is very weak, that the condition of the skin still leaves much to be desired, and kilograms parted contact is not as fast as it would like.

“Well, it begins” – now probably think many of you reading this article. “Again, tedious trepotnya about how important it is to eat pasture, that is to say a salad as you can not eat fried, smoked, salted, that is all delicious, and you can only tasteless farshik a la” Our first years of life, “that is boiled and steamed without salt and spices meat. Tired! ”

In some ways, you are certainly right. Of course, preferred to eat raw, steamed or boiled food without salt and spices. However, taking into account all the realities of the modern world, it is difficult to expect from the average person a permanent diet, provided that it is not an absolute fanatic of a healthy lifestyle, living at the same time in a remote village and cut off from the benefits of civilization such as supermarkets and ubiquitous advertising. So in this case, it meant the most the following aspects: there is food, which has an absolutely negative impact on our body – the same hamburgers, hot dogs and other dainties from McDonald’s and similar institutions. And there is food prepared at home, of the products, the origin of which you can at least keep track of, and in accordance with its own flavor. Here, for example, the classic salad “Caesar” – with anchovies, Parmesan cheese and complex egg-cream sauce – in my home cooking was eating so that only his ears popped. And believe me, I knew from what exactly did those burgers, from which my friends would not pull the ears.

However, I can not measure digress from the topic, and talk in this case, I wanted most of all just about measure. That is the whole trick in what? When you snack on the run, you lose all sense of proportion, saturation as such does not occur just because the brain is not fascinated by the process of absorption of food, and the next project, which “killed” the boss, or something else equally pleasant. And then the stomach quickly filled is not helpful and not even particularly tasty semi-finished … If you eat food prepared at home, time-tested recipes, you just have to at least stop and think: what is it good to eat I’ll chew ? Mm-mm burgers fish … so it is necessary to sit down at the same time as it is inconvenient to still a yummy right out of the bag … chew on a plate to put a napkin … … take a salad garnish a plate put in … See? Food Culture in such an approach instilled by itself, absolutely unobtrusive, without slogans and violence against the person. But the main thing in any, but especially – in a healthy lifestyle – this is the culture of food. Think of yourself as you eat more: unchecked on the run, or sitting and thoughtfully chewing the same burgers with a nice dish? And as soon as naedites? It turns out that like and did not eat pasture, but still and grow thin, and really care about the health, not pokazushno and have fun now, genuine. But it is so important in our time – a simple bit of fun!

So prepare, my dear amateur cooks, the best culinary recipes online, and be healthy and happy!


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