How to deal with her husband’s children from his first marriage

How to deal with her husband’s children from his first marriage

How to deal with her husband’s children from his first marriage

Of course, when you create a happy family meant that she should be the one and only and forever. Unfortunately, not always like that: people get married, get divorced and then try to build a relationship. There are times when the female is divorced and has got a child from his first marriage. This is not a reason to give up the family fortune, but you need to fully be aware that there was a difficult situation in which you will need patience, wisdom, and a desire to solve it to the public tranquility.

In the women’s heart there is a storm of positive emotions, when a woman sees a man who tenderly care for the child. But if it is a child from another woman, even if it is not composed with him in marriage, the perception of this situation changes dramatically – are mixed with the usual zeal.

What to do in such a situation? How to do the right thing?

1. Take as a given past his man. If the basis of relations – love, then do not deny the fact that you love a man as he is, with his past. Any person has a past. The child is the same – part of his life. We’ll have to put up with this idea.

2. Do not expect that you understand your man’s ex-wife. Be smarter and take the first step to understanding.

3. Allow your man to be a father. Unfortunately, few spouses after divorce retain the understanding that they both still parents that this has not been canceled. Do not worry, that in order to solve some important questions about the child he has to communicate with his ex-wife.

4. Help your child to communicate with man. Many of the “Sunday the Pope” is replaced by communication with children expensive gifts, but with the help of these gifts are not to build a really good relationship. Slowly, gently try to explain this moment to her husband – and the family budgetIt will be more whole, and the relationship can be more sincere.

5. Do not forbid. Sometimes, when the ex-wife opposes communicate your child with a new woman’s ex-husband – is, of course, wrong, but his ex-wife is understandable. Do not try to hit where it hurts – with time the situation will be resolved. There is nothing terrible in that if a man will first talk with your child without you. In any case, as long as you are for a child – a stranger.

Without exception, all children are equal. When you will be with her husband shared a child, it does not mean that your husband’s first child will have limited rights. Try to make sure that the childrenfriends, playing together and communicate – it’s very good if your baby will be a caring older sister or brother.

Any situation with other people’s children is complex and requires attention, understanding and support. The child is too difficult to get used to the idea that his father and mother are no longer together, that the Pope had another woman. So try to understand and support her man, to establish a good relationship with his child from his first marriage. Of course, sometimes it’s not so easy, but it’s worth it.

Good luck to you! Be happy!