How to get rid of cellulite?

How to get rid of cellulite?

How to get rid of cellulite?

About cellulite know and adult women, and very young beauties. “Orange peel” is considered aesthetically unappealing, but not everyone understands what it is and the reason for the appearance of cellulite. Today we tell, which is why there is cellulite and how to get rid of it.

Some modern experts even call cellulite “disease of the 21st century.” Some argue that it is every man and that it is absolutely normal, others are coming up with all sorts of ways to correct the problem. Let’s see, what is cellulite and whether or not is to get rid of him.

What is cellulite

Cellulite is commonly referred to changes in the structure of adipose tissue, due to which the skin becomes uneven, pitted and takes the form of the ill-fated “orange peel”. Cellulite develops very slowly, and its owner can be in their teens, and in the elderly. A lot depends on heredity, lifestyle and possible disturbances in the body. For example, a resident of Japan and China were luckier than Europeans: Numerous studies have shown that overweight women even East free from cellulite problems when as a representative of the European race have to be alert all the time. Those women who smoke, do not eat, drink enough water and are largely sedentary lifestyle, have a much better chance to become the owner of the hated orange peel. Are at risk and women during hormonal surges (such as after childbirth or during menopause).

There are a huge number of ways to help eliminate cellulite. But remember that if the problem has existed for a long time, then, for the treatment of cellulite requires an integrated approach, and even better – the help of a qualified professional.

The methods and techniques to get rid of cellulite

All the ways of getting rid of cellulite can be divided into home and cabin. Undoubtedly, salon treatments, although there are much more expensive than domestic, but much more effective. The medical center beauty to get rid of cellulite, you can have a few treatments (depending on the stage of cellulite and the method used).

Homemade ways to get rid of cellulite

It is worth noting that domestic practices – rather, it is a good way of cellulite prevention, than its treatment. However, you must follow these rules if you want to have smooth skin.

  1. Eat well and drink plenty of water
    Water helps rid the body of toxins and other harmful substances, so on average you should drink 7 cups a day. But water alone is not enough: if you are constantly eating chips and hot dogs, you wonder cellulite is not necessary. Reduce the intake of fatty foods, carbonated beverages, coffee and carbs, replace them with fruits, vegetables and herbs. Through proper nutrition, you can speed up the metabolism. And by the way, it is useful not only for the prevention of cellulite, but also in general for your health.
  2. Move more
    Remove Cellulite only one exercise, unfortunately, it is impossible. But the increased activity and “disperse” a metabolism and contribute to burning of fat tissue. Sign up to a nearby fitness club or a regular practice at home, walk more than walking, cycling. To get rid of cellulite is well suited cardio and strength training on its feet. However, do not overdo it: the body should develop harmoniously. Ideal – to swim in the pool or engage in water aerobics.
  3. Contrast shower and bath treatments
    Another way, which is available in the home: douche. Thanks to it, improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, and skin starts to flatten out. By the way, while you take a shower in the morning, it is possible to carry out other procedures that promote the elimination of cellulite, for example, to use the anti-cellulite scrub, rubbing it into the skin or a special sponge roller. Such self-massage also improves blood flow and oxygen, which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. After a shower, you can use anti-cellulite cream.

Cabin ways to get rid of cellulite

In the salons of range of treatments to help eliminate the “orange peel”, much more.

  1. Wraps
    In principle, wraps can be done at home, but the salon treatment will bring the desired results much faster. The choice is wide enough: seaweed, chocolate, mud and cold, hot and even ice. It required 10-15 procedures, although the first results you will see after the first few visits to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Massages
    in showrooms offers several types of massage to get rid of cellulite. Most popular – anti-cellulite manual and endermological lipomassage (or LPG-massage). LPG-massage is considered an excellent alternative to liposuction. Exposure of the skin is due to the rollers, the method is absolutely painless. Result: the skin is tightened, smoothed roughness, simulated body contour.
    Another type of massage against cellulite – vacuum. It also helps to break down fat deposits, improving skin elasticity. Special “massage bells”, which alternates high and low blood pressure are used to achieve the desired effect. They are applied to the problem areas of the body. This massage, as well as hand-cellulite may be painful (not to confuse them with the usual pleasant relaxing body massage). The impact is so strong that after the procedure may appear bruised.
  3. Ozone and mesotherapy
    Both methods use syringes by which the skin or introduced ozone (gas rich in oxygen), or special substance. The advantages of these methods is that the effect occurs at specific areas (foci) and substances penetrate into the skin faster. Ozone therapy is suitable in the early stages of the treatment of cellulite.
    For large parts of the body effective electronic mezoinzhektor – developed a new generation of beauty apparatus in France, which is used for introducing drugs mesotherapeutic. It allows you to use different input technology of the drug, to accurately control the dose, the input level of the needle and the intervals between injections, making the therapy more effective and less uncomfortable.
  4. Pressure therapy
    during the pressure therapy to individual parts of the body is metered air pressure, thereby improving the lymphatic and venous flow. It promotes excretion of excess fluid, as well as boosting metabolism. The skin becomes smoother, improved body contour, cellulite away. Usually fairly course of 10-15 treatments to 30 or 45 minutes.
    The most modern apparatus pressotherapy considered Air S. The device is used not only for the treatment of cellulite, but also to relieve the syndrome of “heavy” legs, the prevention of varicose veins, improve the trophic structure of the skin, in the care after liposuction, as well as the regeneration and detoxification.
  5. Modeling shapes using Vela Shape
    This is an absolutely unique machine, so for him to tell apart cost. He has no analogue, and very effectively removes cellulite, and also corrects the figure, makes the skin more healthy, toned and elastic. The result of the procedure is visible already after the first time.
    The effect is achieved by heating the skin by infrared radiation and the use of pulsating vacuum, which softens the skin and increases blood flow.
    In Vela Shape activated several types of energy – the energy of infrared radiation, the energy of radio frequency (RF), the energy of negative pulses, as well as the mechanical action on the fabric.
    During the procedure, exposure to drugs for better provodtsya roller massage of skin vacuum method. Radio Frequency and Infrared heated surface of the skin, increasing the oxygenation of cells. The result of the application of Vela Shape becomes:

    • increase in cell metabolism structure;
    • splitting and excrete fatty layers;
    • strengthening the outflow of fluid and tissue edema reduction.

    Typically, when using VelaShape uses two types of attachments: VSmooth – for the treatment of large areas of skin and VContour – for acupressure.

  6. Beauty  Premium Biocybernetical therapy
    Despite the rather difficult and a little scary name, this method is quite simple, safe and can be used for active treatment of cellulite. At the heart of Beautytek Premium device on the principle of bio-resonance effects biocurrents at the cellular level. During the procedure, electrodes are used to move the doctor on acupuncture points. It activates the process of lipolysis and detoxifying. The method is absolutely comfortable and allows you to quickly achieve the desired results.
    Undoubtedly, in the body, everything is interconnected, and getting rid of cellulite requires an integrated approach. In addition, the treatment of cellulite is often necessary to simultaneously address other issues related to the appearance and condition of the skin and hair. This rejuvenation, wrinkles and lifting, treatment of pigmentation, stretch marks, post-acne, melasma and more.

As you can see, the methods of getting rid of cellulite are many, but not all of them are comfortable or solve the problem quickly. Whichever method you choose – it depends on the stage of the disease and your preferences, but ideally is best to consult with a specialist who can help create the most effective treatment program.