I’m tired of motherhood

I’m tired of motherhood

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I’m tired of motherhood

I’m tired of motherhood

For the past month, you are spinning like a squirrel in a wheel: wash, pat, wash floors, clean dust, prepare lunch. Yes, that really there.  You forgot the last time I came to the mirror. And then there was breastfeeding, so – a strict diet.  The child is constantly capricious. But this is only the beginning, but you have squeezed like a lemon. Do you imagine that so?  Alas, now you want to break  read in a magazine article legends  about babies sleep undisturbed.  Small family member  was too  active and does not want to sleep more than 30 minutes. You dropped his hands and was about to gush tears from his eyes. What to do? Do not despair, there is a solution. In the end, do you, adult, intelligent woman does not cope with the little fidget?

Exit number 1

Most likely, you have heard somewhere that you can not teach a child to the hands. Nonsense. When you see this helpless creature, you just can not deny him affection. Your baby was born recently. And if a couple of weeks ago, it was warm and comfortable in the stomach, but now it is terrible and uncomfortable in this vast world. And now it is more than ever in need of maternal care. The child will not lie alone in bed and wait for the mother will clean the apartment. To kill two or even three birds with one stone, get a sling.First baby will always be there, and secondly, your hands are freed, in the third – from an early age, the child begins to learn the world around him. Some would say that the slings are harmful to the healthy formation of the muscular and skeletal system. Sure, some truth in this. However, if we approach the subject intelligently and briefly put the baby in the sling, it is nothing but pleasure your pipsqueak not experience.  But be careful: the newborn, most likely to quickly get tired of this pastime, so it is possible change the scenery that there were no scandals. These kids, oh, like quarreling.

Exit number 2

Three difficult month behind. The child already he  holds head briefly interested in a toy,  smiling and having fun watching your movements. However, the problem remains  the same – only the baby falls asleep in the street and at home, as they say, no ridges. Every day he takes more of my mother’s attention. What to do? And what about the highchair? Of course, tolstopuzik is not sitting, but the beauty of these chairs in a folding backrest, wheels and seat belts,  which makes the design of a mobile and useful in all respects. You can give a little fidget  toy, but rather a newspaper or sachet (all rustling children draws much more than rattle), to divert his attention. From now on, the kid constantly follow you from room to room, curiously watching all my mother’s movements. If you feel that the baby begins to tire him sing a cheerful song and talk to him, for example, explain what you are doing  at the moment, and your pupsik pleased to support conversation radiant smile and funny  sounds.

Exit number 3

It would seem that the most difficult thing behind – and colic, and sudden outbursts of hysteria, and fatigue.Fortress recently celebrated its first half, and now he can not sit still. From now on the field for the activity becomes the floor. There could be mentioned about the arena, but the limited space may cause dissatisfaction among the young researcher. Therefore, it is better to take the will in a fist and try to create the most comfortable conditions for the further development of the child, unless of course you want your baby has learned to crawl before 10 months. Daily wet cleaning becomes necessary and primary business of the day.  When the crumb is making its first tentative attempts, he was not on the room upolzet, but after a week of training, it will be nimble any pet. You would not want to deal with foreign affairs, when your eyes will be made new discoveries, but hungry and tired husband, alas, has not been canceled. If possible, lay a blanket on the kitchen floor, so that the child was in your field of vision, then you can safely do the cooking.

Dear Mom, remember the children – no alien beings, they are people just like us, only very small. They are a little more difficult to adapt to the world, to which adults  have become accustomed. All that is required of us – often listen to our children, because his every gesture they are trying to convey to us their desires.