Psychological readiness of children for school

Psychological readiness of children for school

Psychological readiness of children for school

Child to 6 years is in a sense a person: realizes his gender identity, aware of what place among the people and took some to occupy, is able to build relationships with adults and peers. He developed reflection, the theme of “I must” prevail over the motive, “I want.”

One of the results of the mental development of the preschool child is his readiness for school. Every six years the child already has individual, personality traits, motivations and attitudes.

Educational opportunities olds are such that they can begin a systematic study in school.

A child 6 years developed enough attention, memory, imagination. It is easy to switch attention, he remembers best is what makes an impression on him; his imagination is connected with impressions.

This child of 6 years is also quite developed. He can explain the content of the game, which was to build a story on the picture expressively read a short poem.

His thinking is still shaped the character, but he can already understand and abstract judgments.

All mental processes of children 6 years of age is gradually becoming more arbitrary controlled. Especially effective is the case with specially organized conditions.

Intellectual readiness of children 6 years for school involves the development of their mental processes, sensory development, the need to learn new things, the ability to learn from adults, the presence of the desired object of knowledge learned in the system, and others.

Emotional-volitional readiness encompasses a positive attitude to the content of a new activity, the desire to overcome difficulties and achieve results of its activities, the ability to organize the workplace and the maintenance of order, the ability to make contact with new people (adults and peers), and others.


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