Psychologist in kindergarten

Psychologist in kindergarten

Psychologist in kindergarten

While working as a psychologist in preschool, I was faced with many difficulties in their work. This applies to the adoption of educators psychologist. About the parents I am not saying it is another question. For most of them the main thing that met the physical needs of the child, many are not even interested in what their child during the day, never look his drawings, crafts, etc. Moreover, they are not interested in the child’s mental life. With whom he is friendly, whether it takes the staff, comfortable in his garden or not.

We turn to the teachers. For them, a psychologist – is something new. And once the new, so it should be taken wary and cautious. If the psychologist is in a group, and watching children for more than 10 minutes for the teacher is how the battle cry of “check his work”, he gets nervous and irritated. Of course, not everything is so manifest themselves. Someone goes to meet a psychologist, helping to identify gifted children or with disabilities, provides useful information about the child, his family’s behavior. Not always the psychologist can observe some subtle moments as an educator is great with kids and see them in different situations. We are all individual and unique. Each responds to the psychological service in different ways. Someone greets someone does not approve of.

I began to write all this because I wonder what the situation is in other centers and schools.

Let’s share the experience. If someone is interested in these issues to write in the guestbook. Will communicate!


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