Quarrels and conflicts after childbirth

Quarrels and conflicts after childbirth

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Quarrels and conflicts after childbirth

What is the quarrel?

It is like lightning … sudden flash of anger, irritation wave – and this conflict is not inevitable. You begin to speak to her husband’s address rather unpleasant things. He is not far behind. Unpleasant situation.

Often, when looking at the quarrel between two people from – creates a comic impression. After all, the causes of quarrels between husband and wife is quite banal. They can not be divided, “who ruled the garbage”, “you forgot to call,” and so on. D. Themselves conflict simply do not notice these little things and may not fully aware of the causes of conflict.

The accumulation of negative energy

Scratch quarrel never arise. The problems that have caused a quarrel, probably for a long time ripened inside a person. You can remain silent for a long time, but it is still discontent breaks out. Husband also can not long endure. So patience is gradually fills. And after the birth the couple may have new cause for conflict. So, Mom and Dad may have a different look at things such as education or child punishment.

How to prevent a quarrel?

Do not accumulate negative emotions in the soul

The best way to solve all problems at once. Do not accumulate negative emotions in the soul, do not be silent, if you have something does not suit. If a quarrel took place after – Analyze the situation, find out its true causes. And the main thing – to try to correct them.

Advice of psychologists and pediatricians – never argue with her husband when the baby. This is a great stress for the baby. He may begin to fear their parents.

The reasons that cause strife

The reason may be a struggle for power. Each of the conflict will seek to raise its authority, to prove that he is the “main”. This standard household quarrel: who is the best cook, who better baby brings. It is important for someone to be the last word. You should think – it important for you to be a major, and clever, or is it better to become wise and say his “penultimate” word.

People vampire

There are people-vampires. They are charged by negative emotions, which exhibit other. That is why they are often the instigators of fights. Victim feels like a squeezed lemon, and a vampire – full of energy. In this case, you should not give in to provocation and not support the contention. Smile, and go about their business further. So the vampire is disarmed.

The sensational showdown

The reason for this argument is, dissatisfaction with one of the parties. The husband or wife is simply not satisfied with the relationship. Often, they just need to be reminded that they are loved and needed.

If the argument began to occur more frequently than usual – I think that was the cause of them. Answer yourself honestly – have you ever listened to that says the husband during an argument? After all, he – your mirror and look into it carefully.

conflict of generations

This is a traditional problem. If a young family lives with his parents, conflicts can not be avoided. Especially because the grandparents can simply spoil your baby, tell a him a lot of unnecessary information about the parents, it will change the attitude of the child to the mother and father.

children quarrel

Remember, nerve cells do not regenerate!

Very often, the adults look like children, they argue, cry and take offense over trifles. But, unlike children, adults live under the scheme: “You – I, I – you.” They just need to turn this feature off in your head and live like human beings. If the aggression is overwhelming – it is necessary to switch to something else. Mom will be useful to break a couple of dishes, the pope – to let off steam in the gym.