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Psychological readiness of children for school

Child to 6 years is in a sense a person: realizes his gender identity, aware of what place among the people and took some to occupy, is able to build relationships with adults and peers. He developed reflection, the theme of “I must” prevail over the motive, “I want.” One of the results of the […]

Imagination, thought, speech preschooler

Imagination baby develops in the game. At first, it is inseparable from the perception of objects and perform with them action game. A child rides on a stick – at this point he Rider and stick – a horse. But he can not imagine a horse with no subject, suitable for skakaniya, and can not […]

Subject work and play during the preschool years

In connection with the mastery of the subject activity changes the nature of the child’s orientation in new situations for him, at a meeting with the new items. If during the manipulation of the child, received a strange thing, acting with him all the ways known to him, then later his orientation is aimed at […]