Why is the first impression does not really matter

Why is the first impression does not really matter

Why is the first impression does not really matter

When I met my future wife, she was not interested in me, unlike her friend. But when we got closer to communicate, I suddenly realized what it really wonderful and how skillfully hid it at the first meeting.

Honestly, I can not even remember a time when we were introduced – so it seemed to me uninteresting and inconspicuous. But just a couple of months, I came up with a thousand absurd reasons, just to see her, that this “my” in all senses of man.
It so happened that in our relationship the first impression, first, turned out to be false, and secondly, did not play the slightest role. I did not even remember – it happened, even though it sounds strange, much later.

In our culture, we are placing undue responsibility on first impression. But is it so important?

When it comes to a job interview or any competition – it is, undoubtedly, it plays a key role. Without it, there really is nothing: it is part of the job and without further interaction of positive self-presentation is not expected.

But the first impression is, say, in a new class or friends is a little different. Because in reality it is very conditional and depends on the situation, time, environment, and others. Simply put, you can see a man in his unaccustomed conditions and make of it a false impression. Or vice versa – to see in the ideal, but in real life he would calm the man, and maybe even boring and uninteresting.

As a result, time, environment and context – the three main factors on which we add the impression of a man. And these factors are constantly changing, what must always be remembered.

The first impression of the person can be compared with advertising. It’s also roughly human advertising. So, any good marketer knows one rule: when you first encounter with the advertising of a product, you are not likely to remember it. It does not matter whether it is a sports car, a cure for migraine or a new book. While this is a novelty – it is not remembered.
But after about the third or fourth viewing, you will notice that unconsciously memorize the words and images of this advertising and begin to react to it in a different way, really looking at its content.

So it is with man.